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Hello! My name is Ditte Wendt, I am a professional dancer, instructor and founder of

La Barra Valencia.

I have always been fascinated by dance, I have dreamed of dancing and attending dance classes most of my life. But I rarely felt welcome or safe in the studies. Even after starting my dance education, I still didn't always feel comfortable in the environment.


But it wasn't until I had already danced professionally for years that I finally found a place where I really felt like I could be myself, with all my imperfections.

When I discovered my passion for teaching, I wanted to create a place where people felt that they could be 100% comfortable and dare to learn and explore dance and training, without judgment or pressure from themselves or others.


Regardless of the type of exercise you do, you should have the opportunity to feel its benefits, not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally. That is my goal with La Barra Valencia.


Create a community where you will always feel welcome, where you dare not be perfect and where you work your body without judging yourself or others.


A class that you look forward to, that empowers you, and where you can meet other people like you.

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